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Wedding Newsletter: Great for Wedding Planning

Are you expecting a lot of out-of-town guests at your wedding? How many of them are very familiar with the area you will be getting married in?

Chances are, not all of them will know exactly where they are. That's when a Wedding Newsletter can be a life saver!

When we got married, most of our guests were from out-of-town, and we needed a way to tell them about hotels, directions, etc. So we created a wedding newsletter, and it was a hit!

Relatives who had no intentions of making the trip were calling, asking where was their newsletter. Originally we printed 150 newsletters, thinking that would be plenty.

Well, we got so many requests, we had to do a 2nd printing. It was great for officially announcing our engagement and telling the story of how we met.

Plus, with the two of us living in Los Angeles and most of our family and friends living elsewhere, it gave them a sense of what we were like individually and as a couple. It made the whole thing seem more like an event, one not to be missed (their words, not ours). Click here to see our wedding newsletter.

It was especially helpful for out of town guests. Invitations are normally mailed 4-6 weeks before the wedding, but for many people that's not enough time to make travel arrangements, especially during holidays.

Your newsletter will notify people of your special day so they can mark their calendars, and start making travel plans. It can also contain travel information to assist people in making their arrangements.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of your wedding newsletter is the sense of sharing and involvement you give your guests.

When people know what to expect, they feel more comfortable, and are more likely to have a good time at your wedding. Everyone had a blast at our wedding...they're still talking about it 10 years later!

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