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Wedding Newsletter: Unique Wedding Favors

Your wedding newsletter is the most special wedding favor you can give to your guests, one you can be sure they will keep and cherish forever!

No other keepsake will mean as much to your friends and family as a customized wedding newsletter.

What to put in a newsletter? Whatever you want. How you met, where you plan to live, about the bridal party, bridal registry info, hotel and car rental information -- subjects for your newsletter are limited only by your imagination. Think about all the questions people have asked you since you have started planning your wedding. What would you like your guests to know but don't want to repeat a hundred times? Some possibilities

How You Met

How many times have you been asked how the two of you met? This is a favorite topic and one which everyone will enjoy. Our first newsletter included an article "How We Met: The Bride's Perspective," which prompted lots of requests to hear the Groom's version!

About the Ceremony/Reception

Is the ceremony site especially beautiful? Does it have a special meaning to the two of you? Is the ministry strict about starting weddings on time? Are pictures during the ceremony forbidden? These are all things that your guests should or would like to know. Reception information could include details about parking, host/no-host bar, disposable camera usage, seating arrangements, what time you plan to arrive...

About the Bride/About the Groom

In many cases, your guests know very little about your future mate beyond their name. Friends and even family often meet both of you for the first time at the wedding. A paragraph about each of you (birthplace, parents names, education, job, hobbies, interests, etc.) gives people a sense of who you are. A picture of the two of you together above the two paragraphs will make it even more special.

Information For Your Out-Of-Town Guests

If you have out-of-town guests, you will want to give them all the information they need to make their stay pleasant and comfortable. This includes information on, hotels & lodging, auto rental, maps & directions, places of interest, dining options, shopping, entertainment, schedule of events, and more. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Gift Registry

The etiquette books frown on including gift registry information in the invitation, and it does seem like a rather pointed request for a gift. But if you include the information in your newsletter, it's just one more bit of information that your guests can use or ignore as they see fit.

Child Care Information

If you want to limit or exclude children, this can be a very tactful way of getting the message across. Or you can let parents know what special arrangements you have made for children at the wedding. This can be especially helpful for out-of-town guests.

These are just a few topics of interest you may want to include in your newsletter. The possibilities are endless. What would you want your guests to know?

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